Tampere University Hospital (TAYS) has about 10 million support service events per year. Hospital staff often order support services on paper and using order systems designed by different providers, which is simply not efficient in a busy hospital environment.

While at Kaufmann I designed a desktop and mobile application named Paketti (“Package”) to TAYS, enabling staff to place orders and conduct internal logistics using a single, overarching application. The hospital’s support staff have more time available when nurses can manage routine orders quickly and on the spot. The work was conducted iteratively, adding more funcationality over the course of the multi-year project. Paketti allows nurses and support staff to order supplies, signal for patients to be transported, alert when repairs are needed, overview the cleaning of surgical tools, as well as provides an internal, ticket-based tasks overview for management. A seperate mobile sub-app was designed for staff responsible for transporting patients in which they signal their availability and coordinate their movements with eachother.

The project began with interviews and ethnographic obersvation of the hospital staff and environment until an digital platform was agreed up to solve the staff’s logistcal issues.