I am a Finnish-Hungarian design and innovation specialist. Having lived in many different European countries has given me a uniquely broad perspective on life, and this is reflected in my work.

I work in service design, UX, and innovation. I aim to make all my work start first and foremost with a deep understanding of the problem at hand and the stakeholders involved. What is the underlying issue that needs resolving and what do users truly want? Service design and ux are fundamentally about resolving these questions in innovative ways. I have designing for the healthcare industry in the Nordics since 2018, resolving service and digital problems for municipalities, multi-national pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and healthtech startups. In the future, I aim use my skillset in other industries to tackle large problems such as sustainability or social innovation.

I have worked in many different fields of design including branding, print, packaging design, ideation for campaigns, PR, research and before settling in service design, ux, and innovation.

I moved often while growing and then lived in London for 13 years before finally arriving back in Finland after a lifetime away. I returned in order to complete an MBA in Service and Innovation Design and after the first semester was got a job in the field. The course was completed in early 2020.

Personally, I'm multi-cultural, social, calm, and I always enjoy a challenge.

MBA in Service and Innovation Design from Laurea
BA in Graphic Design from the London College of Communication


I also enjoy photography (under maintenance) and drawing silly illustrations.

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