Welcome to my Redesigned Site


Welcome to my new and redesigned website!

My previous site was simply too clunky to be able to update regularly enough, and so this one will be much easier to do so.

Recently I’ve designed a logo for a new tech-startup (which I sadly can’t talk too much about yet). The new company is getting into social media in a big way, I wish them all the best. Possibly soon I’ll be doing some webdesign for them as well. Before that I was working for the Design Laboratory in Central Saint Martins for 6-months. There I worked on poster design, packaging design, branding, and brainstorming for a variety of brands. As soon as all that work clears from its non-disclosure agreements I’ll be able to post it up on my site. During that time I also freelanced and did a short project for Incidental coming up with new ideas for musical i-Pad apps. Currently, I’m looking out for some more work and making some contacts wherever I can. If everything goes right I’ll be helping in the running of a new TEDx conference happening in London. Exciting stuff! More soon.

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